Biyernes, Nobyembre 4, 2011

Win Tons of Prizes with Classified Promos Online!!!


3 Apple Ipads
4 (four) Units Edifier
4 (four) Samsung Cameras
4 (four)  Ipod shuffles
And Lots of Starbucks drinks!

REFFERERS also win prizes:
LCD Tv's, tons of cash and lots of Starbucks drinks!

Promo is from Oct. 26 - Jan. 31, 2012
  • This raffle promo is open to any Filipino (nationality) of legal age.  
  • A participant is allowed to use only one (1) Facebook account for the whole promo period.
  • JUST following three simple steps: 
  • (1).LIKE classifiedPROMOS on facebook.
  • (2.)Sign Up on ClassifiedPROMOS.
  • (3.)You will then ask who refers to you,PLEASE indicate "ARRA MORTA" as your referer (please scroll and find my name:)BIG thanks if you do!
  • Earned raffle entry, after joining, is automatically included in the daily, weekly and monthly draws. 
  • Participants may refer/share the raffle promo to their friends and relatives to earn additional raffle entries. A separate referror prize is provided for the participant who referred the winning participant. 
  • Participants are not allowed to indicate himself/herself as the referror.
  • Participants are required to provide valid information (name, gender, birth date, mobile number and telephone number ) to match identification cards to be presented as proof of identity in case they win.  
For more details click HERE!!!

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