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How to Claim Parcel at Philippine Postal via EMS

I was lucky enough to won several International blog giveaways,the problem is I dont have any idea on how to claim parcels from abroad,so I browse through the net and found this site that I think would be helpful to me and also to you.This blog post was from LUZVIMINDADY08.I decided to feature her post about this because I dont wanna bookmarked it since I dont own this laptop and my boyfriend always erase everything I save from the bookmarks.(I want to strangle him to death everytime!joke)..And I dont wanna search it again in google because sometimes I'm too lazy to do that:)...and I'm too forgetful.


Claiming package at Philippine Postal via EMS

Most of you may wonder why your package from abroad have not reached your delivery address after a week-long or more waiting for someone who will knock your door to hand over your package. Or maybe your friend or relative who sent the package is asking you if you already received the package. While you are so excited, some people may have got your package on hold while sitting and chatting with their colleagues. These people belongs to the Bureau of Customs.

Oh well, it is our obligation to obey and comply to the existing laws on taxation. It is clear that all imported articles are subject to duties based on the Philippine tarrif and customs code ( I write this article to provide tips especially to those first timers and doesn't know how the system works.

Take note that small items such as mail or other documents, a very small gift, are not subject to tax. So if your item is similar to these, you should call BOC and ask for the delivery status. Normally, they would deliver your item on your address. For provincial address, you may have to coordinate with the local Philippine Postal Office in your city or municipality.

I assume that you have your EMS tracking number with you and you are sure that the package has already arrived in Manila. Checkout the EMS provider's website.

Philippine postal address is Old MIA Road, Pasay City, Philippines. The office is situated on the opposite side near the old domestic airport.

Tel: +632.851.7268; 851.3028
Fax: +632.833.6911

This procedure may not be exactly the same when you got inside the Bureau of Customs. This is based on my personnal experience.

1. Before visiting the Philippine Postal office, ensure that you have the following documents:

a. At least 2 valid or government issued IDs.
b. Tracking number of your parcel.

Note: If you assign somebody to claim your parcel, you must prepare:

a. Authorization letter
b. Original copy of your 2 valid or government issued IDs
c. At least 2 valid or government issued IDs of the person who will pick-up your parcel.

2. Once you get there, Bureau of Customs office is located at the left side after the front gate or you may ask somebody where.

3. Proceed to the front desk and fall in line. You may ask some of the BOC personnel to assist you.

4. Present your IDs and tracking number and fill-up the parcel claim form.

5. Wait until your package there at the inspection area. At this point, BOC personnel will call your name. So take your time to relax.

6. Once you are called, your parcel will be inspected by a BOC personnel with your supervision. Nobody is allowed to do it without you or your representative's presence.

7. After the inspection, next is the tricky computation. You will be asked to get inside the main office where the cashier is also located.

Trust me, the computation is done based on the pre-defined formula. No more no less. Or you can ask how tax computation is done. There is a big chance you could haggle down, just whisper.

8. Pay the tax. After computation, a document receipt will be given to you. And then, proceed to the cashier.

9. Proceed to the claiming area. Wait for your turn as the barker will call your name.


1.Tell your sender to undervalue the item for less tax computation. But, beware that huge disparity would result to a BOC personnel confronting you and interrogate you about the item. They use the internet to benchmark the market value of your item.

2. Ask your sender to put a note such as 'Gift for you mom or dad' or ' Gift for you Ate or Kuya' or what ever note. Just to indicate that your item is not for commercial purposes. As a possible result, lesser tax charge on you as the BOC personnel would impose lesser tax amount.

3. Try to haggle down the tax amount. I tried it and got 10% discount. Who knows, you won't loose anything!

4. Be patient as you may have to wait each step. You may bring some reading materials or you PSP at least not to get bored waiting.

Good Luck!

If you have questions or clarifications, please post your comments or email her at She's willing to help you out.
There you go,well I'm hoping that I would be able to claim my parcel at my municipality since I have no plans to travel from Naga City to Pasay just to recieve a couple of make-ups:)..Wish me luck then...

Thank You So Much Ms.Luzvimindady08 for these very helpful article.

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