Miyerkules, Nobyembre 30, 2011

My Baby Sasha is 8 Months Old Now

Today,my baby just turned out 8 months old.I can't believe how time flies so fast!I still can feel the pain when I give birth 8 months ago,but now she's a big bubbly little girl.No words can express how much I love my baby sasha!As day goes by you're getting so"makulit" but :malambing" at the same time,dont worry you;re mama will never get tired of you.I love you so much my baby!Happy 8 months old!!!

(isn't she beautiful?...)

(a pink bib as a hat):)

(me and my baby when she's only a month old)

My baby is my inspiration,my life and my everything..As long as my baby is here,smiling and embracing me I'm in heaven...

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