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Whoa!Next month is December...Are you guys excited???
..Me,of course!so,what I'm sharing today is about my top pick on my Christmas wishlist..:).I will make a separate post for each since I dont want to bore my readers.haha.So,without further blah blah I want to introduce to you my top pick in my Christmas wishlist.


So,why this you may ask.Well,simply because I love it!!!!Need I say more?..I want  to have this because this well be a great tool for my blogging hobby.Here's the summary of the things I like about this baby.

  • Transform into a netbook (maybe that's the reasons why they call this "transformer".(You also have the option of getting the tablet only or both at the same time).
  • Can expand the storage of the device up to 64GB (32GB for the microSD and another 32GB for the SD/MMC)
  • The screen is very reflective, has a glossy finish and a bit of a thick bezel.
  • Equipped with 5MP Camera
  • Amazing battery life (you get 15 hours on a single full battery charge !)
The display is bright and crisp with vivid color.(as we can see at the pictures).

Here's a closer closer look of this baby!

(tablet alone)

(complete set)
(the pad and the dock)

Isn't this baby is amazing???..The only downside with this is that this was only a wi-fi variant(no 3G).but the good news is there's also a 3G variant of this but more expensive:(he Asus Transformer might seem like any other Android tablet but combined with the keyboard dock, it becomes a productivity netbook. That, plus the impressive battery life, connectivity and external storage options, of the combined set makes it an ideal multimedia tablet on the road. This combination is what sets it apart from all other Android tablets out there.

The tablet alone retails for Php22,995 while the tablet and dock set costs Php29,995. The price point is right there along with other Android Honeycomb tablets like the Acer Iconia Tab and the Lenovo K1.

DISCLAIMER:This post was made for my reference purpose only.The images was not mine,.for further information about this product please visit YUGATECH and the ASUS website.

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