Miyerkules, Setyembre 26, 2012

My Baby is 1 and 5 months old:)

How time flies my baby is getting bigger each day and getting cuter too:)

I love you baby sasha:)Your mamma loves you so much!!!

Miyerkules, Setyembre 12, 2012

My Wishlist; Louis Vuitton Bag

Heyah dearies!Do you love bags?I bet you are!Bags are one of the ladies prized possesions,the more expensive the better.Well me,I have bags but they are not expensive and they mostly come from sale.Ugh!But it's ok,someday I will buy my dream bag and that is Louis Vuittton!

Photo copied from http://paulineym.blogspot.com/ 

I don't know why but I love Louis Vuitton bags,I don't like Birkin.It's only Louis Vuitton for me:)
Someday you will be mine:)    ******witch laugh****

How about you ?What bags are you dying to get your hnds on?Share!

Martes, Agosto 28, 2012

My Crush At The Moment!

I recently watch TAKERS movie and I was so smitten with this guy!!!He is perfect!Swoooooon!:)

Martes, Hulyo 10, 2012

Yey Moments!My Firmoo Eyewear

So Sorry for this late post, I was busy this past few days and I have no time to blog. But now I’m back on track! Oh yeah, and today I will do a review about my recent winning from on beauty stuff and what else blog, l was lucky enough to be one of the 10 chosen winners and our prize was a pair of eyewear personally chosen by us from the Firmoo Online Optical Store website, and before I show you my chosen Eyewear let me first introduce to you the store that are becoming  more and more popular everyday because of their world class eyewear merchandise.

Firmoo, the world's most popular online eyeglasses store, stocks a wide range of affordable prescription glasses and sunglasses in cheap price yet high quality. Our eyeglasses frames feature different fashion styles, vary from retro eyeglasses frames to fashion ones, from rimless ones to full-rimmed ones and so forth. These chic yet inexpensive glasses will not only boost your image to a greater level, but also offer you a clear vision.

At Firmoo, the prescription glasses and sunglasses are of various styles and types, so you really need to rack your brain to think it over which style suits you most. We offer Virtual Try-On System that helps you see how you look with glasses or sunglasses provided by Firmoo so as to help you find the right pair for yourself.

All eyewear provided by Firmoo go through strict inspection by our experienced opticians to ensure the quality of frames and the accuracy of lens prescription before shipping. In case you are not satisfied with your eyeglasses, please refer to our Return & Refund policy. We are fully aware that each contented customer is our most worthy investment in promotion.

So now I show you my chosen eyewear, I choose this OTO2503 because I find it very chic and trendy:)This comes with a pouch,a tiny screwdriver, a case and a cleaning cloth:)

Comes with a pouch:)
    I love the side design:)
Bagay ba?....Lols...

Even my baby loves to wear it:)

Thanks again Firmoo and on beauty stuff and what else blog!

Miyerkules, Hulyo 4, 2012

Product Review: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser

Product Information: Formulated especially for normal to oily skin types to purify and thoroughly cleanse,our non stripping foaming formula contains Amazonian White Clay particles to gently remove surface debris,  toxins, and oils which can enlarge the appearance of pores. With ingredients sourced from the Marajo Island at the mouth of the Amazon River, this unique formula is rich in minerals and helps detoxify by eliminating surface toxins from the skin. The formula deeply cleanses to help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores for fresh and healthy looking skin.

Direction of Use: Apply a generous amount of the formula to damp skin. With clean fingertips, gently massage over face and/or neck in an upward and outward circular motion. Remove thoroughly with lukewarm water. Use morning and/or night. Avoid immediate eye area.

Availability:  Kiehl’s Kiosk at selected malls nationwide

The first step for “poreless skin”.So, yeah this product caters the needs of normal and oily skin individuals. And my skin conditions fall into this category. I thought, at last I have found the perfect cleanser for me. Is it? Let’s found out..
The Packaging:

                                                          The tube packaging is simple and easy to squeeze.

                         Has instructions of usage at the back translated into different languages

The opening of the container

The Products:

                 The contents is grayish in color with microscrubs that you can feel in contact with the skin.

Well, the first time I use this I was shocked to feel the scrubs on my face since I thought it was just a cleanser. And the smell reminds me of clay, very mild though. My face feels so clean and clear afterwards (my  blackheads still visible though) And I remain oil-free for 3 hours (without powder ,so I bet it will stay that way much longer if you put one).
So since this one  has mini scrubs, I only use this every night, together with the toner and the moisturizing lotion in the same line.

Yeah, it’s a good oil control facial cleanser. Go ahead and try itJ

Sabado, Hunyo 16, 2012

Yey Moments!(Advertising Slave)

Yey!I was blessed again with awesome goodies!This time I won from Advertising Slave | Super Mom May 2012 Mommy Giveaways.As always,I wasn’t expecting that I will win but to my surprise I got an email from Ms.Sherry,actually it was her follow up email for me,I don’t now but I missed her 1st email and I only read it when she emailed me again,weird.Her 1st email was dated June 3 and her follow up email was June 13,imagine that was 10 days ago! I don’t know what happens.Good thing Ms.Sherry was considerate,if it happens to other bloggers I think my prize will be forfeited since mostly they give as little as 24 hours for their winners to respond or else they will pick another winners,good thing Ms.Sherry was not like that.So,just today I got these lovely prizesJ

I got L’Occitane shampoo and conditioner(both 50ml.), Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil (50ml.), Kojie San Pureganics Lotion ( 50ml.), and this uber cute Rendezvous body wash that was contained in this heart shaped container (the smell was so goooood!),plus a Flawless gift cheque worth 500.

Thank You for this beauty loot Ms.Sherry,may God bless you more for your generosity!....

My First Kiehl’s Goodies

Hi there pretty ladies!It’s been so long since my last post,Well blame my boyfriends laptop.Don't know if it’s virus or anything coz the pages such as my dashboard could not be opened,as well as other applications such as rafflecopters.The result?I cant blog and join raffle contest.Sad.Good thing,I won several facebook and blog contest last month and my prizes just arrivedJ

So,first I’m so happy that I won Kiehl’s Manila’s contest,I belong to the 10 winners!Yey!The contest was so simple,I just upload my photos using a recycled items,shared the vision in my wall and that’s itJ

And here’s my awesome prizesJ.I’m so glad that I won Kiehl’s goodies from the Rare Earth Collection..It’s my first time to own Kiehl’s that’s why I’m that giddyJ

Here’s the Kiehl’s goodies that I’ve gotJ

·         Kiehl’s Rare Earth facial cleanser (250 ml.)
·         Kiehl’s Rare Earth facial toner (250 ml.)
·         Kiehl’s Rare Earth facial lotion (75ml.)
·         Kiehls facial cleanser (travel size)
·         Kiehl’s hair conditioner (travel size)

Thank You So Much Kiehl’s Manila for thisJYou are amazingJ

Miyerkules, Abril 25, 2012

My Purefoods Chicken Drummets!

Yes!Finally my prize from Purefoods Crisp n' Juicy Drummets finally arrived yesterday!You see I was one of the consolation prize winners on their Chicken Challenge promo conducted last year..yeah it was last year but I just recieved the prize:/

(my name was on the 4th)

So,I won Purefoods Crisp n' Juicy Drummets product bundle.I got 2 Classic flavor, 1 Buffallo style(my favorite!),1 beer battered flavor:)And they are contained in a free ice chest:)...


So,I'm thanking Purefoods Crisp n' Juicy Drummets for this awesome prize.Have a
bite of this (especially the bufallo wings style ,you will love it!)...

Biyernes, Abril 20, 2012

MLS: Giveaway blog is hosting a giveaway courtesy of Moshi Luxe.So,here's what you could win if you win.
  • [1st Prize] US AEROPOSTALE WATCH in Black
  • [2nd Prize] Authentic US Victoria Secret Set
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Ends on  May 5, 2012.

Avon Naturals goodies from Ms. Phoebe!

My Avon Goodies had arrived!So another beauty products to keep in my almost full cabinets of my winings:)So,I won Avon Naturals Tea Tree Oil  and Green Tea range of skin care,this include a facial wash, toner and mask on Ms.Phoebe’s blog.I always stalk her blog because she has awesome giveaways and I love her blog because her blog is fab!Her blog is not boring.And she’s a friend of one of my fave blogger too,Ms.Nikki of Askmewhats blog.

Thank You Ms.Phoebe!Check out her blog at www.phoebeann.me.com for variety of awesome post,from lifestyle,food.makeups etc.you name it!

My San Mig Light Jacket

Recently,I won a San Mig Light Drinkers jacket from a guessing game of San Mig Light’s facebook page.They make their fans guess the newest male celebrity endorser of their product.And of course being a contest addict that I am I joined but I’m not hoping to win.I don’t know but the face of Aljur Abrenica suddenly flash on my mind (well ,maybe because I been addicted to Amaya ,hihi)..so I immediately jot down his name without anymore thinking of any possible answer.And I forgot about it.So weeks after I was tagged by my contest addict friend on FB saying she congratulated me because I won that particular Fb promo.I was shocked.Why?..Because I never thought that he is indeed the newest endorser,it’s just my wild guess.And because I was not hoping that I can make it to the top 24 to answer correctly.

 (my name is on the 20th)
 So,last week they sent me my prize via LBC.And here’s what I’ve got..

I love that they guess(too!) my size(XS)..So the jacket fits just perfect.Not to lose,not to fit.But sorry for my mother I can’t let her borrow it coz she’s bigger than me.Thank You San Mig Light.Do follow them on facebook HERE.They have ongoing promo at this moment,do join to score a jacket like this:)