Sabado, Hunyo 16, 2012

Yey Moments!(Advertising Slave)

Yey!I was blessed again with awesome goodies!This time I won from Advertising Slave | Super Mom May 2012 Mommy Giveaways.As always,I wasn’t expecting that I will win but to my surprise I got an email from Ms.Sherry,actually it was her follow up email for me,I don’t now but I missed her 1st email and I only read it when she emailed me again,weird.Her 1st email was dated June 3 and her follow up email was June 13,imagine that was 10 days ago! I don’t know what happens.Good thing Ms.Sherry was considerate,if it happens to other bloggers I think my prize will be forfeited since mostly they give as little as 24 hours for their winners to respond or else they will pick another winners,good thing Ms.Sherry was not like that.So,just today I got these lovely prizesJ

I got L’Occitane shampoo and conditioner(both 50ml.), Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil (50ml.), Kojie San Pureganics Lotion ( 50ml.), and this uber cute Rendezvous body wash that was contained in this heart shaped container (the smell was so goooood!),plus a Flawless gift cheque worth 500.

Thank You for this beauty loot Ms.Sherry,may God bless you more for your generosity!....

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  1. You're welcome & Thanks so much for participating & posting, Arra. :) Congratulations & God bless you. :)

  2. Congrats! :)

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