Sabado, Hunyo 16, 2012

My First Kiehl’s Goodies

Hi there pretty ladies!It’s been so long since my last post,Well blame my boyfriends laptop.Don't know if it’s virus or anything coz the pages such as my dashboard could not be opened,as well as other applications such as rafflecopters.The result?I cant blog and join raffle contest.Sad.Good thing,I won several facebook and blog contest last month and my prizes just arrivedJ

So,first I’m so happy that I won Kiehl’s Manila’s contest,I belong to the 10 winners!Yey!The contest was so simple,I just upload my photos using a recycled items,shared the vision in my wall and that’s itJ

And here’s my awesome prizesJ.I’m so glad that I won Kiehl’s goodies from the Rare Earth Collection..It’s my first time to own Kiehl’s that’s why I’m that giddyJ

Here’s the Kiehl’s goodies that I’ve gotJ

·         Kiehl’s Rare Earth facial cleanser (250 ml.)
·         Kiehl’s Rare Earth facial toner (250 ml.)
·         Kiehl’s Rare Earth facial lotion (75ml.)
·         Kiehls facial cleanser (travel size)
·         Kiehl’s hair conditioner (travel size)

Thank You So Much Kiehl’s Manila for thisJYou are amazingJ

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