Biyernes, Abril 20, 2012

Avon Naturals goodies from Ms. Phoebe!

My Avon Goodies had arrived!So another beauty products to keep in my almost full cabinets of my winings:)So,I won Avon Naturals Tea Tree Oil  and Green Tea range of skin care,this include a facial wash, toner and mask on Ms.Phoebe’s blog.I always stalk her blog because she has awesome giveaways and I love her blog because her blog is fab!Her blog is not boring.And she’s a friend of one of my fave blogger too,Ms.Nikki of Askmewhats blog.

Thank You Ms.Phoebe!Check out her blog at for variety of awesome post,from lifestyle,food.makeups name it!

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  1. hi! I have a giveaway running if you are interested.. :)