Biyernes, Abril 6, 2012

Massive Giveaway of High Street Talk

High Street Talker Blog is giving away a goodie bag with 12 items inside! Wanna know what they are? Then keep reading. Find out about the products and how to enter!
So what will you be getting?
1 Black eye liner
8 x Eye shadow
2 x Nail polish
1 XXL Mascara 
1 XXL Lip gloss
1 HASK Argan oil
1 Eye lashes
1 Batiste dry shampoo
1 Blayboy perfume
1 Goodie Bag containing A strawberry bubble bath, strawberry lip gloss and strawberry body butter
Wow!That is so much!Fancy winning?...
Join now HERE!

1 komento:

  1. wow, i love giveaways too :) will be joining this :)

    btw, I have an ongoing giveaway on my blog. Please join if you haven't yet! :)