Biyernes, Enero 27, 2012

My Facebook Winnings!

Hi there!Sorry for the late post about this.This was my giveaway and contest win last year from facebook (I was lucky enough!).I was so happy that I was blessed with these wonderful stuff that I've got from various contest and giveaways that I've joined,for some this was not too much but for me this was huge since most of the items that I've won are new to my sight(haha!) and without those contest I think I dont get a chance to make it mine,so thank you so much facebook sponsors!You truly are all amazing!Thanks for making my day!

So,let me start with my facebook wins!
- I joined Athena Anniversary Giftaway and here's what I've got:

I win one from the first week and another one from answering the survey,and from the last week I win a brand new Belle De Jour Planner:)

I also got a Modess Sample pack:)

I'm also lucky enough to win some BedHead Stuff from Bed Head facebook page.The mechanics was you just have to answer a hair related question then you're automatically included in the raffle and I was glad I was choosen by

And as you remember in my post HERE that I joined my baby in  Nivea Baby Phillippines promo last November titled Nivea Baby Dresser:Best baby in Costume in Haloween Theme,and yeah my baby wins!I was so proud as a mom,she was choosen (together with the two winners) among 58 baby candidates.Here is my baby's winning picture:

And this was her prizes from Nivea Baby Philippines!:)

And again,I joined my baby in EQ Diaper facebook promo Spookytown promo.And again I was so proud that she wins for the 2nd time!I was not expecting this since I didn't invite people to like my baby's photo but I recieved a call from them informing me that my baby wins,so imagine my surprize and they're fast because we got the chair 2 days only after the call:)

(she was at the center top image)

And her prize was an awesome foldable TIGER Chair in yellow :)

I also entered her in the Ceelin's and Women's Central  Protektodo ba ang Anak mo ng Ceelin?And for the third time she wins at the 10th spot (as posted HERE ).Here is our entry:

Ans she got  a HUGE bottle of Ceelin as her prize:)But she can't take it because it's for 2 years old.
Hihi,I was so happy that my baby has also shares of luck like me:)

And I also win a CTU 450 load from SUN CELLULAR's facebook promo:)

For now I still some pending prize from Estee Lauder - Philippines but i;m not hoping so much to get my prize since the instruction was to claim it in Trinoma Mall in Makati.I was requesting to kindly shipped it for me but it's been weeks but still no response from them.Hohummm...

OK,that's for now lovelies!Next post is about my blog giveaway winnings.Stay tuned for that!

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  1. Congratz Mommy Arra! Dumating na din prize ng baby ko sa ceelin, 2yrs old and above nga ang label.. I think pwede naman inumin ng baby, basta ung dosage lang ng pang 9 mos (that's my baby's age)..

  2. Hi Mommy mitchyweech!Thanks for dropping by!No, I'm afraid baka kasi makasama sa baby.Me na lang ang umiinom para di masayang:)Same tayo my baby is 9 months old also:)