Biyernes, Enero 27, 2012

I won Sleek Makeups!

Hi lovelies!I was lucky enough to win the Sleek International Giveaway hosted by Ms.Sam Ram of Sam Ram's Beauty Blog.I was so happy because it's my long time wish to have Sleek in my make up collection,she makes my wish come true:)Thanks so much Ms.Sam!She even post my pictures in her blog HERE.So sweet:)

Sleek I Divine Pallette
 Sleek Pout Polish (Lip Gloss) - Monte Carlo.
Sleek Bright Pink Blush - Santorini 
I'm loving these goodies so much!!!!So,meet Ms.Sam (I'm in love with her eyes:)
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Thank you again Ms.Sam!!!

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  1. awww thank you Arra I'm glad you liked the giveaway. It was a thank you to my subscribers so you deserve it =)