Lunes, Disyembre 5, 2011

I Am one of L'Oreal' Philippines Most Active Fan on Twitter

L'Oreal Paris Philippines was celebrating their 40th Anniversary and in celebration with they are hosting different promos,contest and giveaways(with the #imworthit statement as the main topic)!And being a giveaway junkee that I am,I don't let any of their contest pass without me joining(talk about trying to hard!haha).But unfortunately I lost but as usual I was not sad since everytime I'm joining a contest I was not hoping that much to win.But I was so happy when they announced that I'm one of the their most active fans in twitter.Yehey!So,what did I got?...

 -White Perfect Toner(200ml.)  
-White Perfect Milk Facial Foam(100ml.)

That's not a lot but I was still so thankful!I will do a review about thesetwo when the time permits.
Here are my favorite #imworthit statements from L'Oreal Paris Ambasadress:

“Because I’m Worth It” is that ultimate statement of self-confidence and acknowledging that as my personal mantra has been the best gift I gave myself” Freida Pinto, Actress, L'Oreal Paris Ambassadress

 “Because I’m Worth It for me means that every woman should be proud of who she is and it's a celebration of our strength” Doutzen Kroes, L'Oreal Paris Ambassadress & International Supermodel

I remember this slogan growing up because my mother used to buy the red lipstick at the pharmacy. I knew that it was the one luxury she allowed herself because she worked hard for it and she was worth it. The slogan has empowered me in ways I never knew it would in my life and I am sure it empowers other women all over the world.  Eva Longoria, L'Oreal Paris Ambassadress, Actress

"The most important things in life are passion and integrity." Claudia Schiffer, L'Oreal Paris Ambassadress, International Supermodel with most magazine covers (over 900).

"Every time i have to say this line i say it with so much conviction because i know that I'm not the only one worth it but EVERY FILIPINA'S WORTH IT. Lucky me, that's exactly what i said in all my commercials.. For me, by saying these powerful words i hope to reach out to the women so that they know that you don't have to be an actress or a model to feel of worth. You can be a L'oreal Woman in your own right by by simply taking care of yourself and knowing and believing that YOU ARE TRULY WORTH IT."
Anne Curtis, L'Oreal Paris Ambassadress

 How inspiring they are right?...

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